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Dental Units

We keep our patient's comfort in mind on the selection of dental chairs and units chosen at our clinic. Our dental units are from renouned manufacturers, namely:


Anthos Dental Units

anthos, dental chair, dental unitThe Anthos Dental Classes A Unit has been designed to offer dentists maximum choice and enable work in any position on a 180° axis. The length of the scissor arms allows the dentist to work with the instrument tray across the patient or alongside the chair in order to avoid upsetting more sensitive patients. Its chic and elegant design gives patients maximum comfort.

The Anthos Dental Unit has incorporated passive and active hygiene concepts with advanced technology such as the U.V.A. System, O.D.R. Anti retraction System, Water Clean System , Simplified Hgiene System and Simplified Disinfection System.

anthos dental system


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Dabi Atlante Dental Units

dabi atlante dental unitThe Dabi Atlante Modern units are designed with a clean and harmonic look in mind. It has a lumbar lordosis position corrector used to reduce the patient stress level.

Its larger and involving backrest allows for a better comfort of the patient. The posterior backrest curvature facilitates the dentist approximation to the patient and avoids involuntarily contact between the patient and the professional.


dabi atlante dental chairs

Maintaining clean hygiene with respect to the dental unit is lso an important factor incorporated into the unit's design. The chair's single central articulation facilitates cleaning and improves the dental office biosafety. Its seamless thermal-molded upholstery facilitates cleaning and disinfection. Also, the removable cuspidor, manufactured in ceramic enamel, prevents residuals adherence thus making cleaning easier and better.

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Actus Dental Units

actus dental chair, actus dental unitThe Actus 5000 Dental Unit is from J. Morita Corporation, headquartered in Japan. The Actus dental unit contains priority circuits incorporated in the handpiece operation system to ensure that two handpieces do not work simultaneously for safety reason. In addition, both chair and handpiece operations are designed not to function simultaneously for saftey assurance.

On the area on hygiene, the unit's light head handles are detachable and autoclavable. The unit's lighting system is sensor-based, its lights are turned on and off automatically. The dental units's drain cut filter is designed on the outside of the spittoon unit for easy access in daily maintenance and cleaning.

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