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Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) Infection Control Procedure

In modern dental care at BIDC, the highest precautions are taken to protect our patients from infection or any contaminates. Our center pays particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization including having a biological sterilization verification system after our equipments are autoclave going above the sterilization set out by general standards.

BIDC has strict sterilization policies and controls in place. Our dental center is ISO9001 UKAS certified for its dental services management system as well as its sterilization system. BIDC has control checks in place to provide a clean, disinfected environment for each individual patient. Policies are in place to ensure that all rooms and equipment are properly set up and sterilized daily and after each use.

Our award-winning dental center has a dedicated Central Sterilisation Room designed to ensure zoning and elimination of cross infection. All sterile instruments are covered and housed in sterile bays.

Below are some ways that protect you:

  1. BIDC Building, Dental BuildingUse of disposables, when possible
  2. Thorough cleaning and/or sterilisation of all instruments
  3. Surface disinfection of contaminated surfaces
  4. Selection of equipments designed to prevent contamination and for sterilization
  5. Care and maintenance of dental units
  6. Hand washing to reduce bacteria between each patient encounter
  7. Gloves and masks to prevent direct contamination as well as cross-infection
  8. Protective eyewear or cover
  9. Approved disposal methods for contaminated waste
  10. BIDC building is designed specificially to operate and function as a dental center

BIDC building is fitted and fully equipped with the latest high powered air suction system throughout the building and in each treatment room. This ensures that all contaminates, any mercury vapours and any harmful evaporable contents in the air are safely removed creating a safe environment for our patients.

If you have questions about infection control at BIDC, please ask anyone of our staff or dentists. We will be happy to answer your queries. We believe that an informed patient contributes to the care process.

>> Read more about our sterilization technologies used at BIDC including autoclaves, maintanence units, sunction units, uutosealing machines

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