Technology: Dental Implants Technology

Dental Implants Technologies

Dental Implants are a prosthetic device that is made of titanium implanted into the jaw bone used to provide and/or support a fixed or removable prosthetic device. Dental implants can have many years of successful use if properly care for. Dental implants technologies and materials have significantly improved in the past 20 years. 

Due to new dental implant designs and surface treatments, higher levels of success rates for dental implant treatments can now be attained with patients reporting greater comfort level. Also with new computer aiding diagnoses and treatment planning, dental implant treatments can now be done more precisely by implantologists or dental implant dentists.


BIDH Promax CT Scan
Promax Digital

BIDH Promax CT Scan and Promax Digital Tomography for 3D Implant Planning

Award-winning dental clinic BIDH is one of the few top dental clinics in Thailand with its own CT Scan machine on-site within its dental complex. Immediate CT Scans can thus be done during their first dental implant consultation visit for detailed dental implant diagnoses and planning.

The increasing use of osseo-integrated implants has created a wider demand for radiographic techniques in the pre-surgical and post-operative evaluation of the patient. Correct topographical information is required on the prospective site for planning the implant location. BIDH has two separate Planmeca ProMax digital machine - One for 3 dimensional CT Scan and one for digitalized panoramic radiography.

The Planmeca ProMax x-rays machines offers four tomography systems including linear tomography, true linear tomography for film tomography, digital linear tomography and Transtomography for digital systems. The Planmeca ProMax tomography system produces straight tomographic slices of any part of the maxilla,mandible or temporomandibular joints. The tomograms can be cross-sectional or longitudinal and are adjustable to any specific angle to maximizes the diagnostic value and provides excellent details. 


3D Dental Imaging

3D Dental Imaging 

3D CT Scans and pre-operative planning software provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for patients as dentists are able to

use CT Scan to view functionalities of axial, sagital and coronal images as well as cross-sections and panoramic images to eliminate surprises during sugery by providing accurate and ccomprehensive, non-distorted data describing your patient's bone quantity and quality

use 3D dental imaging for visualization and simulation of dental implant placement and bone augmentation procedures

the CT Scan and planning software enables a constant tool for clear communication between patient, doctor and technicians

In certain cases, flapless surgery may be performed whereby no incisions are made in the patient’s mouth may be done with CT Scanning technologies and computerized planning


CT Scan

Innovative Surface for Faster Osseointegration Process and Shorten Treatment Timings

There are a many dental implants systems available on the market today. Dental Implant systems differ in terms of establishment in brand, historical case success rates and patented materials. At BIDH dental center, only the top range dental implant systems are utilized for high dental implant success rates treatments.

The new SLActive surfaces by Straumann dental implant system enables additional condifidence for one day implants, same day implants, immediate loaded implants as well as full mouth/arch implant cases cutting down the healing treatment requirements from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks.

SLActive Dental Implants by ITI Struamann has a chemically active and hydrophilic surface that significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing for a faster osseointegration process and higher implant stability. 

  • Faster osseointegration
  • Enhanced bone formation processes
  • Higher implant stability during the early critical weeks of osseointegration (removal torque)
  • Substantially increased protein adsorption


Dental Implant Surgical Sets

Dental Implant Surgical Sets 

BIDH uses both the Straumann Dental Implant Surgical Machine and Nobel Biocare OsseoCare Implant Surgical Set that are measurement and drilling devices used in for dental implant site preparation and surgerical implantation. 

Stress may have an adverse effect on bone-remodelling around implants, on the implants themselves, components and superstructures. With new technological developments in equipment and machinery, the predictability of immediately loading dental implants and safety to patients can be further enhance. 


Zirconium Material Implant

New Combination of Titanium and Zirconium Material Implant for Superior Strength and Aesthetics

Roxolid is a homogenous metallic alloy composed of the elements titanium and zirconium that provides a higher tensile strength compared to pure titanium. The higher tensile strength thus enables small diameter implants to be placed with more confidence marking another step in dental implant material advancement.

Roxolid dental implants allows:

  • More confidence in small diameter implants due to high strength with excellent osseointegration 
  • Flexibility of having more treatment options because Roxolid provides a wider choice of treatment options with small diameter implants allowing optimal treatment in specific clinical situation