Technology : Sterilization Biological Indicator

3M Attest Biological Monitoring System (BMS)

BIDH takes an additional infection controls and dental sterilization is of top priority. In addition to having using sterilization machines for the dental sterilization of instruments and equipments, BIDH uses an advance Biological Sterilization Indicator Verification System (BMS) called 3M Attest to monitor, test and verify the effectiveness of our dental sterilization efforts and processes in ensuring patient safety.


The 3M Attest sterilization indicator is a proven and reliable biological indicator system with a 20 year product history to verify the effectiveness of dental sterilization efforts. Biological indicators is a useful sterilization indicator tool because having simply having pressure-steam machines or autoclaves does not garuanteed total sterilization. 

Biological indicators are the only method that indicates the sterilization process was effective and the spores were killed. A nonpathogenic but highly resistant spore, Geobacillus sterothermophilus is used to provide a maximum challenge to the steam sterilization process.

Benefits of the BMS 3M Attest sterilization indicators system includes:

  • Self-contained biological indicators
  • Design provides a maximum challenge to various steam sterilization cycles
  • A spore burden beyond the average bioburden (germ count) provides an extra margin of safety
  • Optimized media promote rapid growth of spores
  • Definitive color change of the media indicates dental sterilization process ineffectiveness
  • Quick verification time of 24 hours (1261) or 48 hours (1262) versus one-week mail-in services