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Installing Single Tooth Implant

The course of treatment described here is one of several options available. Consult your dentist to find out what the best solution is for you, given your specific condition.

1: Before the procedure

The dentist makes a first examination and takes one or more x-rays of the area to prepare for the procedure. 

Bangkok Dental Implant, Single Implant

2: Installing the implant

The implant is installed. At this time, a temporary tooth is provided that allows you eat and function like normal almost immediately. The implant will need a few months to integrate with the jawbone before the next step is taken.

Bangkok Dental Implant, Single Implant

3: Attaching the new crown

The final step is the placement of the permanent ceramic tooth. The new tooth is installed for life. No additional treatment is needed. 

Bangkok Dental Implant, Single Implant

4: End result

You should expect the new tooth to fit and function just like a natural tooth. Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around it clean and healthy. 

Bangkok Dental Implant, Single Implant

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