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Clarity Braces

Clarity™ Aesthetic Braces from 3M Unitek are clear braces that have clear brackets thus making orthodontic treatmnet less visible.

Clarity SL Braces combines passive self-ligating brackets with high-tech archwire which means that there no elastic bands or o- rings are used. A clip on the bracket itself hold the archwire enabling lower forces and less visibility.

Advantages of the Clarity SL Braces from 3M Unitek:

  • 3M clarity braces move teeth with light or low forces
  • 3M clarity braces require fewer adjustments than traditional braces for certain cases
  • 3M clarity braces provides good aesthetics with translucent ceramic brackets 
  • 3M clarity braces allows the ease of oral care as elastic bands or o-rings are not used that tends to catch food 
Clarity Braces
3M Clarity