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Zoom Advance Teeth Whitening Price Promotion

The Zoom Advance tooth whitening treatment is completed in One Visit One Hour.

Treatment Type
Price in
Thai Baht
Price in USD (approx)
Teeth Whitening
Zoom™ Tooth Whitening
(from 15,000)

USD rates are calculated assuming the exchange rate of USD1 = THB36. Promotions may be changed without prior notice.

Promotional rates are applicable now till 30th March 2018

What differientates BIDC Bangkok Dental for its Zoom Advance Teeth Whitening Treatment


Our clinic introdcues the latest Zoom Advance professional chairside tooth whitening system by Phlips. The Zoom! 2™ Advance is a scientifically advanced, patent pending, tooth whitening procedure. It is safe, effective and fast for anyone looking for immediate results. With the new Zoom! teeth teeth whitening system, patients experience up to 67% less sensitivity than with the previous Zoom! system. Zoom Advance is also 33% faster with results in 45 minutes


At BIDC bangkok dental and our dental clinics in Thailand, our teeth whitening costs is one fixed pricings to all patients.

The Zoom procedure begins with a checkup. Protective materials are placed on lips, face and isoloation of gums before applying the Zoom tooth whitening gel.  The active ingredient in Zoom whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide.  Once the Zoom tooth whitening gel is applied, a light is shined onto your tooth, gently penetrating the enamel and dentin layer of your tooth, bleaching away stains. 

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